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John Marks

John is a versatile and experienced guitarist and teacher who has played for over 30 years, and remains a working professional. He currently plays lead guitar in a rock covers/blues band, mostly playing the local venues, corporates and private functions.

He has over 20 years of teaching experience. While having a sound knowledge of music theory, he has a flexible approach to teaching. The emphasis is on the practice of playing, with individual differences in students playing a significant role in the content and style of his teaching. 

John teaches electric and acoustic guitar, all levels from beginners to advanced. The teaching environment he creates is encouraging, fun and supportive. 

Through his experience and product knowledge, John can provide guidance on guitars and equipment, and performance preparation. As a testament to his ability to nurture talent, former students of his can be seen and heard playing the venues of the Central Coast and beyond on any given weekend.

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