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Simon Dawes

Simon is a Sydney and Central Coast based guitar teacher with over 20
years’ experience and a passion for helping students of all
backgrounds and skill levels to achieve their unique goals.

He has shared stages in various acts with leading Australian and
international artists as varied as Protest The Hero, Pantera-offshoot
Hellyeah, Regurgitator, Plini, We Lost The Sea, The Crooked Fiddle
Band, Scoredatura; performed in various improv and avant-garde groups
and accompanied students during school/HSC performances and musicals.

Lessons with Simon are tailored to fit students’ individual needs and
goals, and can encompass advanced theory, jazz chord construction, key
signatures and modes, advanced timing and rhythmic comprehension,
scales, shred techniques such as sweeping, tapping and speed picking,
finger picking and folk picking, or can be as simple as strumming fun
chords to students’ favourite songs.

Simon is enthusiastic about students developing a comprehension of
basic music theory but above all prioritises students finding their
own voice on their instrument, and helps them to achieve this by
developing the skills to be able to express their own creative ideas.

Aside from a great passion for seeing students succeed in their
musical goals, Simon also performs with Sydney-based progressive trio
Instrumental (adj.), improvised grind/dub collective Kurushimi and
alt-rock group Darling Vicious,  loves writing music for himself and
with others, and finds enjoyment in most genres from jazz, punk, pop,
metal, country, to experimental hip hop and soundtrack artists.

Simon is available at MusicWorks on Mondays and Tuesday mornings.

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